Đỗ Thị Giang

Position: Career Advisor

Office: Ho Chi Minh

Market: Information Technology

Level: Barchelor of Van Lang University

Join JellyFishHR: March 2019

Why is JellyFishHR:

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with a handful of teams during my time with the company, and each was full of smart, engaging fantastic people. The people we work with make or break every work experience; the folks we have here make me a better recruiter and a happy person.

The message sent to the candidates:

I enjoy the ability to make a tangible difference in someone's career. Candidates don't always recognize the right decision they should make to accelerate their careers. It's our responsibility to advise them to succeed. I consider myself a connector, I take pride in my position of “catalyst” and my central role as the bridge between clients and candidates. The ability to listen is the most important skill you need for becoming a career advisor. Asking the right questions is the key point to understand the goals of candidates and clients. I’ve found this career both personally and professionally rewarding and look forward to learning and growing in this field.

Contact info

098 4028 560