Duong Thi Mai Lien

Position: Hanoi Office Manager

Office: Ha Noi



Join JellyFishHR:

Why is JellyFishHR:

My career orientation is to working in HR field. What I impressed in my interview before joining Jellyfish HR is that the CEO showed me very clearly about company's detail plan about how to expand company size, like I was trusted an official member of Jellyfish HR, very appreciated. And after joining Jellyfish HR, we think, we act, we improve, we develop together. We're supporting and connecting people with enterprise, we're aiming to share the joyfulness of working to every candidate that we support, and in the same time, we also support our Client to develop their business more by introducing good candidates. These vision motivate me and make me want to work continuously in Jellyfish HR.

The message sent to the candidates:

Once you decided to do something, try your best so as not to regret later.

Contact info

024 3224 2220