Le Thi Hue

Position: Career Advising Japanese Sector

Office: Ha Noi

Market: Japan

Level: University of Foreign Studies - Hanoi National University. Faculty: Japanese

Join JellyFishHR: 2017

Why is JellyFishHR:

I have also been a candidate for Jellyfish HR support to find work related to HR. I was very thankful and learned a lot after being advised by Mr. Kida and Ms. Xuan. At that time, I thought about joining Jellyfish HR and I would be a consultant for the candidates who are on the way to finding the best job. And now that Hue is a CA in the Jellyfish HR family. I hope that I will do well as a bridge between business and candidates.

The message sent to the candidates:

Be brave to face yourself to understand what you really want and never hesitate to change.

Contact info

024 322 422 18