Than Quynh Huong

Position: Career Advisor - English

Office: Ha Noi

Market: English Job Market

Level: Bachelor of Business Administration - Post and Telecommunications Institute of Technology

Join JellyFishHR: 2017

Why is JellyFishHR:

Since being a student in Business Administration, Ms. Huong has a future orientation that will develop according to human resources. After graduating from university, Huong worked for TOPICA Native - an English-language online product as an International Recruiting Officer before joining the Jasmine Family. With 2 years experience in recruiting lecturers, Ms. Huong would like to challenge herself with the position of human resources consultant to continue learning and pursuing orientation from the day of school. And more than that, contribute her strength in becoming a bridge between businesses and human resources in Vietnam.

The message sent to the candidates:

Believe in yourself and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

Contact info

098 3481 761