Trương Thủy Tiên

Position: IT Career Advisor

Office: Ho Chi Minh

Market: IT Field

Level: Bachelor of International Business Economics - Foreign Trade University HCMC

Join JellyFishHR: 03/2018

Why is JellyFishHR:

I took an interest in IT recruitment from my internship at a software company. At the time when I was struggling to find a place where I could continue my career path as a recruiter, could update my knowledge about IT industry and could improve my Japanese, Jelly Fish HR seemed like a perfect choice. But, above all, after a period of time working here, what is "give to receive" makes sense to me. At Jelly Fish, I can invest my time and energy to talk, listen, and understand my candidates to bring them best matching job opportunities. That's how I am giving and whatever follows is my gift.

The message sent to the candidates:

"Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn't give you credit." - Kamari aka Lyrikal

Contact info

028 6656 0103